New Reader Magazine - Issue no. 2

A strange phenomenon occurs in the middle of every year. Beginning April, as spring turns into summer and the days become hot and languid, the hours seem to sprawl on forever, but the months themselves are treacherously short. One minute it’s March and you’re on your maiden issue. Then you blink, and it’s June.

This quarter, New Reader Magazine once again brings readers to artists, musicians, writers, and creative communities from all over the world. We are once again honored to have in our pages some of the most beautiful (and sometimes funny!) poetry and prose by both award-winning and emerging writers from Alaska to Malaysia. We also proudly present feature articles from our creative staff. Borders and foreignness mean nothing in a punk rock community in rural Japan; women artists in the Philippines stare down the male gaze; we learn about what happens when a novel becomes a movie; and an artist breaks down his own ideas about art to find his most authentic voice.

In this issue, we leave behind any preconceived notions about where people are from and the worlds they create. In the terra incognita of the New Reader, we are all part of the same tribe.

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