New Reader Magazine is always looking for fresh perspectives and provocative new voices. We want stories about humans and about being human.

Investigative stories are welcome, as are memoirs and profiles, interviews, etc. of people who are doing interesting things and changing perspectives in big cities or small, secret towns. We’re also looking for fiction and poetry of all kinds, and we especially welcome experimental fiction and poetry and work that defies genre conventions.

At this time, we are not looking to publish hard news or purely political op-ed pieces.

Pitches are also welcome. When sending a pitch, please include PITCH in your email’s subject line.


  • We will only accept submissions that have not been previously published electronically and/or on the internet. New Reader Magazine purchases First Electronic Rights for submissions to our quarterly journal as well as our website. Once your work has been published, all rights revert back to you. If you publish your work elsewhere after it has been published on our website or in one of our quarterly issues, please note initial publication in New Reader Magazine or
  • We welcome simultaneous submissions, but please let us know when/if the work has been accepted somewhere else.
  • The submission bucket is open a week after the publication of the recent issue and closes 30 days before the next scheduled date of publication of another issue. However, please limit your submissions to three submissions per category.
  • Though optional, do include your social media accounts, web portfolio, and other pages/account when submitting. This is for the purpose of profiling contributors/featured artists, mainly when we write about them in our magazine and or to plug them on our social media pages.
  • NSFW (Not Safe for Work) pieces must be clearly marked in the subject line of the email. This includes pieces that contain heavy amounts of violence, sex, gore, and nudity.
  • We may publish excerpts of larger works if said work has not been published in full online or electronically.
  • We may publish larger works serially if said work has not been published anywhere else online or electronically, partially or in full.
  • Please include a short artist/writer bio in your email. No more than 150 words and no less than 50. You may include your website or online portfolio.
  • When submitting a literary piece in any language other than English, please include the original text and the English translation of said work. For videos, please include captions or embed the subtitle.
  • We send payment exclusively through PayPal.


  • All genres are welcome.
  • Flash fiction must be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Include a short summary of the piece(s)
  • Please include the word count of each piece
  • You may submit up to three stories per 3-month period.
  • .doc or .docx file
  • Times New Roman, 12
  • Single spaced only
  • Rates start at 10 USD for flash fiction and 20 USD for fiction over 1000 words.


  • All genres and types of poetry are welcome.
  • We accept videos of spoken word poetry if the video has not been previously published.
  • Minimum of three (3) poems per submission in a single 3-month period.
  • All poems must be in a single .doc or .docx file
  • Times New Roman, 12
  • Single spaced
  • Rates start at 5 USD per piece


  • Must be a minimum of 1,500 words.
  • Include a short summary of the piece(s)
  • You may submit up to three per 3-month period
  • .doc or .docx file
  • Times New Roman, 12
  • Single spaced
  • Fiction rates apply


  • Must be a minimum of 1,500 words.
  • .doc or .docx file
  • You may submit up to three per three-month period.
  • Times New Roman, 12
  • Single spaced (if applicable)
  • Fiction rates apply


  • We welcome photo essays or video essays, narrative videos, etc., containing memoirs, reportage, and interviews.
  • Please include a brief summary of the content, and please make sure that videos have captions.


  • All genres are welcome, though we are impartial to the alternative and the surreal. We don’t very much like comic book heroes, but we do appreciate subverted tropes and satire.
  • We do not have an ideal length in mind, but comics must be long enough to contain a full story—beginning, middle, and end.
  • Include a short summary of the piece in your email.


  • If you’re looking to contribute art to our articles and stories, please send us a message through the submissions portal ( and include ART CONTRIBUTOR in the subject line.


  • If you are an artist of any discipline looking to be featured in one of our artist profiles, please send us a link to your work. If we like it, we’ll interview you and feature you on the front page of our website or on a two-page spread in one of our quarterly issues.
  • Please include a brief artist statement with your portfolio and bio.

While we generally respond pretty quickly, please give our editors at least 30 to 100 days to respond to your queries and submissions.

Opinions and views stated by our contributors are theirs alone and not New Reader Magazine's. Our contributors are responsible for the content of their work; New Reader Magazine cannot guarantee their accuracy.