New Reader Magazine accepts all kinds of literary works and art in relevance to a theme every quarter.

This 2020, we look forward to a set of fiction, poetry, articles, artworks and other oddities that focus on vision. And yes, we mean that figuratively and literally. Our bucket is currently open for everyone to submit. Below are the tentative titles*  for next year's journals:

  • Issue 9, "20/20" - Like having perfect eyesight, this quarter is about awareness and having a clear understanding of what's happening inside and outside oneself.
  • Issue 10, "Houdini" - Sometimes we see things others can't. In this issue, we're taking a step back from reality and owning a moment to witness the stories that revolve around people's fears, dreams and imagination.
  • Issue 11, "Hiding in Plain Sight" - When we're all caught up with whatever is going on around us, we miss out on little details that matter or maybe even blinded by something that prevents us from seeing the bigger picture. For this quarter, we're looking for pieces that imply secrecy, hidden gems and/or mind-boggling insights on life.
  • Issue 12, "Nameless" - Inspired by a psychological technique called Johari's Window, this quarter is about the unknown. Although we'd like to point out that this isn't a social experiment but solely our fascination over things that remain a mystery.

*These titles can change as better ideas arise, but the overall theme of each quarter will remain the same.

NRM pays contributors for their work.

For more detailed guidelines, click here.