New Reader Magazine accepts all kinds of literary works and art in relevance to a theme every quarter.

We embark on 2022 with a commitment for fresh starts, strong rebuilding, and unlocking milestones. Our submission bucket welcomes works in line with the following titles and themes for each quarter's issue:

  • Issue 17, "Solstice & Equinox" - Seasons change, new life emerges. We struggle to break free from the dark, find the light, and have it shine upon us. We are hungry for new beginnings.
  • Issue 18, "Convalescence" - Setbacks are inevitable as there are triumphs. Time mends the wounds, cools the burns, and soon it won't hurt as much. Healing.
  • Issue 19, "The Tower" - It's hard to unlearn the familiar, but it may be the only way to uncover the truth and remove the mask of illusion. An awakening.
  • Issue 20, "Phoenix" - All good things must come to an end, but the burning day is not one you should be scared of. It is not the end of the book, only a culmination of a chapter. Once you flip the page, a new chapter begins.

*These titles can change as better ideas arise, but the overall theme of each quarter will remain the same.

NRM pays contributors for their work.

For more detailed guidelines, click here.