New Reader Magazine accepts all kinds of literary works and art in relevance to a theme every quarter.

Inspired by famous hashtags, this 2021, we are looking for fiction pieces, articles, artworks, and other oddities that narrate the wonders of the internet and social media. Our bucket is currently open for everyone to submit. Below are the tentative titles*  for this year's journals:

  • Issue 13, "Viral" - The virus has taken its toll on all of us, spreading itself across our cities and throughout the globe. But is that all that's going on? What other things have been out and about, and how are they affecting everyone’s lives? This quarter, we’d love to know.
  • Issue 14, "No Filter" - This quarter we’re interested in, and moving the focus on truths both pleasing and dark.
  • Issue 15, "Throwback" - How often do we contemplate about the past? This quarter is about one’s history and the way it's shaped every decision and every path he's taken. Think more Epictetus, and less Tolstoy.
  • Issue 16, "Selfie" - This issue, we’re diving into our own little worlds, observing how much of us is tethered to the greater world.

*These titles can change as better ideas arise, but the overall theme of each quarter will remain the same.

NRM pays contributors for their work.

For more detailed guidelines, click here.