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Dear Reader,

The world we live in is changing. A lot. And fast. Every day the world evolves exponentially, and we change with it.

You might not have noticed.

But think about the last time you read an article that really made you think. That made you re-examine the way you saw the world.

Think about the last photograph that really made you see something you normally wouldn’t have noticed at all.

Your perception of the world and your ideas change and broaden with every new image you see and every new story you hear. And there are so many stories. There’s so much to see.

It gets overwhelming.

I mean, where do you start?

In 2017, a band of weirdos and misfits decided to start curating all the weird and wonderful things we saw for people like us.

People who like to read. A lot.

People who are creative and entrepreneurial and filled with ideas about new ways to do things.

People who are interested in what’s going on in the world, and who want to see and share new perspectives and stories that really aren’t heard enough.

People like you.

New Reader Magazine is a quarterly magazine—both an online lifestyle magazine and a literary magazine. We’ll talk about writers and readers, art and culture, new ways to do business in the Internet age, and lots more.

There’s going to be some cool stuff happening—interviews, reportage, fiction, poetry, comics, photographs, graphic art . . . all of it carefully crafted and collected for you.

This is our baby—yours and ours.

You’re gonna wanna be a part of this.

With love,
The Weirdos of New Reader Magazine

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