Cacia Zoo: Final Boss
Artist Profiles | February 2018 | by M. Dominique Dela Paz

Cacia Zoo has a lust for life. An artist who lives in NYC and works with many different mediums, she spoke to us about her views on art, sex, censorship, and what inspires her work.

How do you define yourself as an artist? You wear a number of hats—you're a model, a videographer, a director, a photographer... but what is your favorite medium to work with?

I know I can be a maniac. I so want to do the best I can with everything I love, and I love art, creativity, and expression. There is not one moment that goes by that I don't think about art and ideas. I also am just too stubborn to choose and too fickle to settle on one medium. I have to always be doing and making. I never want to restrict myself to one field, so I need to also work three times as hard to get anything done. As long as everything I do is creativity related, my practices and skill all compensate and enhance one another. My dance background helps me be a good model, for I can always project myself from a photographer’s angle. My photographer’s composition mindset helps me see how I want to move from one scene to the next in video. Painting helps me actualize concept and see bigger pictures. Music moves me, transcends my mind and paints a story—non-lyrical music, that is.  At any time of the day, I’m always developing ideas. I will say I increasingly love video as a medium, compared to photography, which it is a still image that can be interpreted in million ways. Video also incorporates a process, a timeline, a beginning, middle, and end, a story also with sound and audio. I think video is the closest medium of art that can [really convey my ideas]. . . if not completely, it’s close to that. Still images sometimes need words to compensate to the image and its meaning; in video I can put all my emotion, intention, and creativity [into them].