New Reader Magazine - Issue no. 6

New Reader Magazine's second issue of 2019, “Keeper of Fire” is an ode to people who are protecting legacies and stories and to those who have ignited ideas that will be passed along.

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Showdown at the DA
Fiction | Mike Sharlow

A story about the clash of two groups of young men. One group is hoping to avoid a fight, the other is committed to impose violence.

The Quicksand Around Her Feet
Fiction | Christine Fair

This story is about a meeting between an abandoned daughter and her father who has summoned her because of his ostensible impending death from cancer.

Little & Wolf
Fiction | Avra Margariti

Avra Margariti is a queer Social Work undergrad from Greece. She enjoys storytelling in all its forms and writes about diverse identities and experiences. This story a fictional recount of the Stanford Prison Experiment.

The Loud Scream
Fiction | Maria Victoria Beltran

Scavenging in a heap of garbage of Tondo, Manila, Jose hears a shot and a loud scream. He runs home and learns that the police are implementing Operation Tokhang, the drive to eliminate drug users in the Philippines.

Every Man Walks About as a Phantom (Mullet)
Fiction | Matt W. Cook

When Silas Bailey is asked to be the driver for a local Bible college's evangelism team, he is surprised that one of the students, a missionary kid named Aishwarya McClelland, triggers a painful memory

Fiction | Nicole Zelniker

Eight-year-old Lydia and her family move to Atlanta from cross the country. There, they meet Isaac, a 40-something neighbor who befriends Lydia and her younger brother, Miles.

Scorched Wool
Fiction | Jade Wallace

Scorched Wool centers on an increasingly bizarre set of confrontations between the protagonist, a campground manager, and the local police detective who, years earlier, tried to manipulate the protagonist into confessing to arson.

The Accident
Fiction | Pascale Potvin

When Frederick spots Ansel standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to jump, he decides to use himself as an example that life gets better. When it comes time to preach his message, however, he mysteriously forgets the names of his wife and children.

Clarence Spady is Still the Blues
Non-fiction | Emmett Lindner

The article chronicles Clarence Spady’s rise in the early '90s, his battles with addiction, his sobriety and the organic nature of the blues that he carries with him today and always.

The Blue Pearls
Fiction | Matias Traviesco-Diaz

Matias Diaz is a Cuban American attorney. He retired recently after four decades of law practice. After his retirement, he has redirected his efforts towards creative writing.

Something Bad Has Happened
Fiction | Mike Todd

With his father away on a business trip, a little boy gets paranoid when he uncovers his mother is alone with another man in their room.

Running on Empty
Fiction | K. Albasi

This story concerns an ice cream truck proprietor in rural Florida struggling to keep going.

Toronto Life
Fiction | John Tavares

This short narrative follows the experience of a retired outdoorsman as he leaves a First Nations reservation in Northwestern Ontario when he inherits a condominium in Toronto.

Temporary People
Fiction | Rasmenia Massoud

Aggie's mother was a friend and den mother to all wanderers, carnies, and oddballs. Now that her mother is gone, Aggie finds herself struggling to navigate...

Cacia Zoo: Final Boss
Artist Profiles | August 2018

Cacia Zoo has a lust for life. An artist who lives in NYC and works with many different mediums, she spoke to New Reader Magazine about her views on art, sex, censorship, and what inspires her work.

Workshop of a Rape Story
Fiction | Lucy Marcus

Lucy Marcus lives in Southwest Virginia, where she is an MFA Candidate and Teaching Fellow at Hollins University. She recently received the Melanie Hook Rice Award in the Novel and the Andrew James Purdy Prize for Short Fiction.

reflective thought wave
Poetry | John Franklin Dandridge

John Franklin Dandridge received his MFA in poetry from Columbia College Chicago. His chapbook, Further Down Rd., was published in 2010 by Fast Geek Press. Catch “reflective thought wave” and more of his poetry in the June 2018 issue.

Poems by Jan Dalisay
Poetry | Jan Dalisay (Philippines)

Jan Angelique Dalisay hails from the Queen City of the South — Cebu, Philippines. Read more of her poetry at Wordpress and Medium. Or follow her on Instagram: @gygroone

The Pure Souls
Fiction | Rob Hartzell (Morrow, Ohio)

New scifi by Rob Hartzell explores virtual reality and uploaded intelligence.

The Pure Souls was first published in the "Multivision" issue of New Reader Magazine.

Artist Profile : Jan Sunday
Artist Profiles | February 2018

Jan Sunday, photographer and punk rock vocalist, talks about philosophy, sexuality, and the pain of freedom with New Reader Magazine.

An Appreciation
Poetry | Charles Leggett (Seattle, Washington)

“An Appreciation,” poem by Charles Leggett. He is a professional actor based in Seattle, WA. His poetry has been published in over three dozen journals all over the world.

Artist Profile : Don Mancha's Purgatory
Artist Profiles | December 2017

Purgatory is a webcomic about life, death, and the in-between. Story by writer Don Mancha III, illustrated by Anubisazp. Article by M. Dominique Dela Paz.

Artist Profile : Intel Japitana
Artist Profiles | December 2017

This week New Reader Magazine features Intel Japitana, multidisciplinary artist and curator. Article by M. Dominique Dela Paz.

Fiction | Tony Koval (Alaska)

Short fiction by Tony Koval. A man wakes up in the middle of nowhere, hardly knowing who he is and why his dog is dead. A strange presence pursues him.

Bazaar Bizarrerie
Poetry | Brandon Marlon (Ottawa, Canada)

Brandon Marlon’s poetry has been awarded the Harry Hoyt Lacey Prize in Poetry (Fall 2015), and his writing has been published in over 200 publications.

Right Words
Poetry | Tiny Diapana (Philippines)

Some poems don’t really talk much/instead some sprout limbs and learn to walk . . . “Right Words,” a poem by Tiny Diapana.

Title Pending
Poetry | r.miller (Southern Pennsylvania)

r. miller is an avant-garde poet whose work has been featured in several publications. He is the author of Separate Instances of Loneliness.

USA Insomnia Blues
Poetry | Judy Shepps Battle (New Jersey)

Judy Shepps Battle has been writing essays and poems long before retiring from her work as a psychotherapist and sociology professor.

Fiction | Murph Little (USA)

Survival by Murph Little is a flash fiction piece about a man’s struggle to find work while dealing with mental health issues.

Call for Submissions : New Reader Magazine
Announcement | November 2017

New Reader Magazine, a young online literary, arts, and culture journal, is sending out a call to writers and artists of all disciplines for contributions...