September 2019 | Vol. 2 Issue 7

For this third quarter, New Reader Magazine's "Herald" pays tribute to unsung heroes and celebrates moments that aspire us to become better versions of ourselves.

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Alan Irid Fendi

In Listless, an inexperienced girl visits a city and feels lost with her vertiginous lust for things.

Rubber Daisies
Jack Cooey

Jack Cooey is a washed up actor living in bitterness. He lives in Keene, NH.

Claudia Spiridon

This is a short story that combines elements of realism with those of surrealism. In it, Claudia explores tense familial relationships and venture into blending the lines between imaginary and real, all fueled by the main character's internal conflict.

Showdown at the DA
Mike Sharlow

A story about the clash of two groups of young men. One group is hoping to avoid a fight, the other is committed to impose violence.

The Quicksand Around Her Feet
Christine Fair

This story is about a meeting between an abandoned daughter and her father who has summoned her because of his ostensible impending death from cancer.

Little & Wolf
Avra Margariti

Avra Margariti is a queer Social Work undergrad from Greece. She enjoys storytelling in all its forms and writes about diverse identities and experiences. This story a fictional recount of the Stanford Prison Experiment.